Blog: Threading the Needle of Change in 2024


New Year, New You? Us Too!

Shop for Change is ringing in the new year with a new look! The spirit of giving is a powerful force that doesn’t need to end after the holidays. Find out how your pre-loved goods can thread the needle of change in 2024 and stay updated with all the “brand” new looks for Shop for Change. 

Threading the Needle of Change

Your gently used clothing looks much better on a hanger than in a landfill.  Every year, up to 100 billion new garments are made, while only 1% of clothes are turned into recycled garments. This vicious cycle poses detrimental risks to the climate, and the rapid expansion of these fast fashion giants is drastically changing consumption culture.  

Style constantly evolves, and thrifting meets the need for refreshing wardrobes in a crowded market. Industry leaders expect a surge in secondhand shopping in the coming years, reaching approximately $70 billion by 2027. Purchasing clothing and goods from secondhand stores like Shop for Change directly acts against the dangerous trends in fashion consumption.  

The fashion and retail industry often compromises ethics and sustainability for convenience and cost; however, the environment is severely taxed by these trends and the time for action is now. Backed by organizations like Reuse MN, Shop for Change promotes a lifestyle and community relationship through secondhand shopping.  

 Donations Generate Dollars 

Shop for Change is the thrift store stemming from PRISM, created to direct funding back to public assistance programs like the Marketplace food shelf. Community members donate their gently used clothing and household items to us, and we carefully curate a thrift store inventory that best serves the community. Uniquely affordable, Shop for Change offers those struggling financially the opportunity to shop with dignity and stands as its own retail entity within the community and area thrifters. Every dollar spent at Shop for Change goes directly back into the community.  

Nearly every donation comes to PRISM with good intentions. However, there are a few instances where donations end up costing PRISM valuable time and resources. It is important to go through your donations prior to bringing them to the store. Due to space and operational logistics, donations that cannot be received are processed, distributed to other organizations, ot other organizations or sent to the trash. This takes up lots of staff and volunteer time.  Be sure to pull out any items or memorabilia that may be sentimental – if you donate grandma’s tea set, there is no guarantee that volunteers or employees will be able to find it for you! 

 Be the Resolution in 2024

If your goal for the new year is to declutter and organize, consider turning that goal into a force of good. Motivate a group of friends to clean out with you by organizing a donation drive. Swap inventories with your pals and see if your gently used goods spark any joy among your group. Anything left over can be donated to Shop for Change, directly helping out the community!  

A New Look for Shop for Change

Much like the revamp PRISM received last year, Shop for Change is getting a new style! This modernized design represents the latest chapter Shop for Change is entering, ready to hold its own identity within the Twin Cities thrifting space. Gone are the days when the store is referred to as “PRISM’s Thrift Shop,” and here to stay is Shop for Change. The new look ties back into the PRISM logo, emphasizing the relationship between the two while still being able to stand alone and tell the Shop for Change story. Stay on the lookout for exciting changes around the store and online to represent this refreshed branding. 

Celebrate this new era of Shop for Change with us! On Monday, 2/19, Shop for Change will be hosting an all-day special event in honor of the new look. Stop by new-to-you products specially selected for this event and take 50% off the entire store with a special coupon rollback for those who sign up for the Nifty Thrifty Club.  

The spirit of giving is an enduring force that transcends the holiday season. Spark a year of change in 2024 by continuing the life cycle of pre-loved goods. Follow Shop for Change on Facebook, Instagram and stay up-to-date through the PRISM newsletter and join the Nifty Thrifty Club in store! 



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