Happy New (Fiscal) Year!


Amidst the shifting terrain of social issues, PRISM stands at the forefront, ready to face the upcoming fiscal year. As we step into a new chapter, we reflect on our mission, strengths, and the vital issues influencing our actions.

Education and Empowerment: Understanding the Truth Behind Poverty

At PRISM, we firmly believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of change. We commit to the education and empowerment of individuals, unraveling the root causes of poverty. By fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and dignity, we aim to dismantle misconceptions and harbor a society that stands against poverty.

Building Trust: PRISM as a Community Resource

Over fifty years of unwavering dedication solidifies PRISM as a trusted community resource. We pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our participants, volunteers, partners, and donors. Together, we create a more considerable impact on our community than alone. We ensure that everyone we reach, whether a participant or volunteer, leaves us with the tools to build healthy and stable lives.

Expertise that Matters: Experienced Staff at PRISM

Central to our success is the remarkable staff at PRISM. We are honored to have experienced program staff that can adapt to individual participant’s needs and provide a relatable experience to our social outreach. This fiscal year, we are leaning into the mindset that together, we are stronger and have the collective wisdom to develop innovative solutions, valuable insights and create lasting relationships that elevate PRISM’s message.

In the new fiscal year, we welcome to our staff Alli, the new communications coordinator. She will focus on internal and external, event communications, donor engagement, and furthering our digital media strategy. With her expertise, we will expand our online audiences and further the reach of our message.

A Balancing Act: Providing Resources and Ensuring Stability. 

One of the most significant challenges we face is the delicate balancing act of providing essential services simultaneously while securing the necessary funding to sustain our organization. With the decrease in COVID-19 and government funding, we find ourselves operating this year on thinner margins. However, this obstacle will not deter our mission; instead fuel our determination more than ever before to efficiently manage our operations, optimize resources, and explore innovative avenues for additional funding. Adversity only strengthens our pledge to provide dignity-centered resources.

One of our key initiatives is to peel back the curtain that often covers many of  the technical operations of nonprofits.  We hope that by an effort to be more transparent, we will bring more community partners and donors to our mission. In this blog, we want to shed some light on the funding reality we face every day at PRISM.

In the new fiscal year, we are budgeted to spend $36,000 monthly on food for the food shelf. Many believe that the food resources from nonprofits are free – this is only half true! While we provide food and essential home goods to our participants free of charge, PRISM must pay for the food and delivery every month, we purchase our inventory from food banks like Second Harvest Heartland and The Food Group to have enough food for the thousands of families visiting PRISM.

As we venture into the new fiscal year, PRISM stands ready for growth, resilience, and transformative impact. By educating, building trust, and leveraging our expertise to adapt in this post-pandemic world, we are confident in our ability to influence our community positively.

The journey to an empowered community begins with a single step: your support. Your donation today can spark a ripple effect of change that enables PRISM to continue its vital work in empowering, encouraging, and uplifting our community.

How Your Contribution Makes a Difference: 

–    Education:  Your support enables us to educate and dispel myths surrounding poverty and foster an understanding within the community.

–   Trust Building: Donations help maintain our role as a trusted resource, ensuring that everyone who reaches out to us finds the support they need.

–   Resource Provision. Your contribution directly aids our efforts to provide essential programs that combat food insecurity, housing crises, and other challenges inflicted by poverty.

–    Volunteering: Taking time out of your busy life to lend your hand to PRISM means the world. Each year the volunteer hours donated to PRISM are equivalent to 10 full-time employees.

–    Sustainability: By donating, you play a crucial role in securing the future of PRISM, allowing us to continue our mission even in the face of challenging financial climates.


Please donate today and become a part of our transformative journey. Together, we can empower those facing challenges to stand tall in adversity. A donation is not just an act of financial contribution or time but also a powerful statement on behalf of a future where organizations like PRISM are no longer needed.

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